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Shout Box History
Animal: Boo
12-02-2014 7:48am
critterbug: Happy Thanksgiving queers
28-11-2013 10:44am
DjPseudonym: I got the new job..Sales Executive at a VW dealership!!!
20-11-2013 4:33pm
BenEndless: Eleven Twelve Thirteen. Have a good day, y'all.
11-11-2013 11:02pm
Suprcub: What a show! Flawless and extrodinary music. For live music it was the best I have heard. 2nd best believe it or not was 38 special live back in the day.
19-10-2013 10:52am
Suprcub: Eagles concert tonight! Taking the wife, son and his girlfriend. Good seats and music the way it should be played!
18-10-2013 3:25pm
critterbug: Happy Birthday!
12-10-2013 8:25pm
critterbug: After 5 years you probly dont even miss your balls anymore
12-10-2013 8:24pm
Animal: Married 5 yrs today. Birthday in 5 days. On vacation and the vino is flowing. Good times fellas.
04-10-2013 10:30pm
Suprcub: Falcons lol (nuff said) Your Bear Fan application has been denied.
25-09-2013 12:45pm
Animal: LOL thats an image of you we can agree on.
13-09-2013 7:05pm
Suprcub: Yeah but I be a left clickin Yoda Jedi muthafuka
07-09-2013 5:29pm
Animal: Well its still just left click........
06-09-2013 7:40pm
Suprcub: Oh look who mastered the "Pick an icon" button!
05-09-2013 11:49am
Suprcub: Huh uh
04-09-2013 6:23pm
Animal: Wishful thinking you ole queen.
04-09-2013 3:36am
Suprcub: Hey Gem! Long time man jump into TS with us sometime. All the guys are basically still here and Animal is still gay as $#%! so nothin has changed.
03-09-2013 9:32pm
Animal: Greetings Gem long time!
29-08-2013 5:09pm
gem: greetings
28-08-2013 2:29pm
Suprcub: Huh uh
23-08-2013 7:09pm
Animal: We are all very excited for you. Remember though new thing's can sometimes be a challenge.
23-08-2013 6:19am
Suprcub: I be a shouting mother [censored] from here on out!
22-08-2013 8:26pm
Animal: Cub we have been waiting for you to get comfortable with the regulad forums before we sprhng this new fangled contraption on you.
19-08-2013 9:33am
RustyShackleford: You never noticed the [censored] scrolling text? Generally if you see something moving, you look at it.
17-08-2013 5:36pm
Suprcub: Mother fuckers, 8 fuckin years and I got to find this bullshit myself. Animal you [censored] sucker! You know I don't read all this shit. It his is like front fuckin page press!
15-08-2013 6:44pm
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